We often get asked by people how they can support our journey so we made this page for anyone wishing to donate some money. Unfortunately sending it via the YouTube „Thanks“ button (while very nice of you – thank you very, very much!) is a very inefficient method as Youtube keeps a huge share of your money (roughly 50-60% of the amount that you sent).
As we meet friendly people all over the world and it is difficult with the many different currencies we decided not to add any bank account either.

You can, however, send us Bitcoin.

We are very passionate about the topic as it helps empower people all over the world to participate in an economy that was built and is maintained by the richest countries on this planet.
6.5 billion people on earth are either under oder fully unbanked. Bitcoin gives them power they never had before because they happened to be born in less fortunate areas of this giant blue marble. Contrary to popular belief, Bitcoin is not bad for the environment. Quite the opposite actually. It helps our planet’s transition to green energy and to a sustainable future. See the video below for some data driven research beyond clickbait and bank-funded news articles.

If you came here to support us, thank you very much. Below you will find options for on-chain and lightning donations.

If you do not own or use Bitcoin and you do not care about it, you can of course also use the Youtube Thanks button and we are absolutely grateful for it.
We just wanted to add another, more efficient method for you to do so.

In case you want to know more about why we’re enthusiastic about Bitcoin, I’ll attach a few links on where to start below.

On-Chain BTC: bc1qpj2ewv544wle40hndk998wdx9z08vvtrkaec3k
Lightning BTC:

Here’s something to get you started on the journey:

Why people need Bitcoin
(by The Human Rights Foundation)

A basic introduction to Bitcoin
(by Andreas Antonopolous)
Why Bitcoin is actually good for the environment